Virtual Studio

Finally, any team can access the power of enterprise grade studio infrastructure. Let’s level the playing field.
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Powerful Windows and Linux graphics workstations

Threadripper Pro or AMD EPYC icon
AMD Threadripper Pro or AMD EPYC Milan and Genoa CPUs
NVIDIA’s latest Ampere based RTX
NVIDIA’s latest RTX GPUs (RTX 6000 Ada, RTX 4090, RTX A5000, RTX A6000)
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High speed shared storage
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25Gbps Networking

The RFX Virtual Studio is a complete turn key environment designed for the needs of creative studios producing visual effects, animation and interactive content who rely on remote artist teams.  It effectively replicates a private datacenter for your studio that can be configured with workstations, servers, storage, and networking.  The Virtual Studio can be spun up and customized on demand based on production needs and you only pay a simple and predictable “rental” fee for the infrastructure you need.

The RFX team takes care of the technical complexity behind the scenes so that the artists have a simple interface that gives them the feeling of working at the studio facility.

Virtual Workstation Flavors

Artist Workstation - 8Q

Power Workstation - 12Q

Extreme Workstation - 24Q

Helping studios of all sizes take on the world

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Dedicated Render Nodes

Add from a large selection of cost effective compute servers to the virtual studio and provision them as render nodes in your dedicated render farm.

Virtual Servers

Provision Linux and WIndows VM servers in your Virtual Studio to serve a myriad of functions including license servers, file synchronization, Ansible, Gitlab, etc.

Colocation Rack Space

If you choose, you can also host your own hardware in our colocation server racks that are in the same physical data center as the Virtual Studio.

Shared Storage

The Virtual Studio has shared network storage that is available to all the virtual workstations. For Windows workstations a CIFS share (Z: Drive) is provisioned.
    hybrid clouds
    Site to Site VPN as a service to enable hybrid clouds
    Dedicated Internet Connectivity
    Dedicated Internet Connectivity and cross connects
    Security & User Management

    Security & User Management

    The Virtual Studio Infrastructure gives administrators complete control to provide secure access to artists and employees. User authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) is handled by Active Directory Federation Services. Administrators can easily enable and disable user accounts and control specific virtual workstations that the users are allowed to access.
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