A Powerful Turnkey Virtual Studio for Digital Artist Teams

Enterprise grade studio infrastructure for teams of any size.
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Access high performance GPU workstations and servers from any home computer. Collaborate and share files securely with team members.

Multiple Monitors - 4K - 60FPS

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Virtual Studio Solution

Virtual Workstations

Virtual Workstations

Select from a list of preconfigured Windows or Linux graphics workstations to best suit your needs. All workstations come with AMD Threadripper Pro CPUs and NVIDIA Ada or Ampere (RTX 6000 Adam RTX 4090, RTX A5000, RTX A6000) GPUs.

virtual server

Virtual Servers

Spin up Linux and Windows VM servers in your virtual studio to provide a myriad of functions, including: license servers, file synchronization, Ansible, Deadline, PerForce, Gitlab, etc.

render node

Render Nodes

Provision cost effective servers to your dedicated render farm managed by Deadline or your choice of a queue manager.
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Shared Storage

All systems in the virtual studio access high performance shared storage to easily and securely collaborate with team members.


We Make it Simple

Talk to us about your specific needs and we will custom design and provision a managed Virtual Studio infrastructure for you. No prior technical knowhow needed.
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We Make it Secure

The Virtual Studio is designed from the ground up with data security in mind.
User authentication is managed by dedicated Active Directory servers for each studio along with support for Single Sign-On (SSO) out of the box.
All display traffic from the virtual workstation to the home computer is secured using industry leading AES 256 encryption.

We Make it Affordable

We operate our own purpose-built hardware rather than rely on using expensive 3rd party public cloud providers with their massive overheads.
Therefore, we are able pass on the significant savings to our customers and offer simple, predictable,  fixed monthly pricing for at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.
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Our Advantages

Flexible & Customizable

Flexible & Customizable

The Virtual Studio is adaptable to many different production needs. For example, it can be deployed in a hybrid model to seamlessly integrate with existing on premises studio infrastructure. Additionally, leverage our co-location racks to host your own existing hardware in the RFX Virtual Studio.

Competitive Pricing

All Inclusive Competitive Pricing

Simple and predictable monthly pricing model for dedicated compute. No hourly usage based pricing, no network egress costs, no API access fees, and no hidden costs. Pick the workstations and the servers you need and get additional discounts based on the committed duration of the rental.

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Helpful and friendly RFX Support

Talk to an actual human being! The renowned helpful and friendly RFX team is here to answer any questions. Reach out to us by phone, email, or by live chat. RFX Professional Services can also be engaged to augment your in-house technology and IT teams and/or help design and implement specific special projects. VO


Nvidia Omniverse™

The RFX Virtual Studio has been optimized to showcase NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise in production.
Talk to us for a free demo environment to test drive this ground-breaking new platform for yourselves!
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Get a no-commitment trial of a custom-built virtual studio environment

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